History (Thesis)

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Michael Brown

Topic: Understanding the Social, Economic and Cultural Impact of the Child Emigration Movement in Canada from 1869-1932
Supervisor: Robert Wardhaugh 

David Buglass

Topic: From the Prairie to the Tropics: The Continuities and Transfers of Educational Practices from Continental to Overseas Empire in American Colonialism, post 1898.
Supervisor: Frank Schumacher 

Dryden Choban

Topic: Canadian Comrades: The Canadian Communist Movement and the Cold War
Supervisor: Robert Wardhaugh 


Hailey Clarke

Topic: Ideas of American Exceptionalism in U.S. Primary Curriculum
Supervisor: Robert MacDougall 

Ellery Cuculick

Topic: Printmaking, Witchcraft and the Early Modern Imagery
Supervisor: Margaret McGlynn 

Hayley Dick

Topic: Illusory Inclusion: The Underlying Racial Barriers in Civil Defense from 1950 to 1965
Supervisor: Aldona Sendzikas 

Samantha Franco

Topic: Glove to the Blade: A Study of Surgical Instruments and Attire in 19th Century Medical Practice
Supervisor: Shelley McKellar 

Benjamin Gladstone

Topic: Drawing Lines in the Sand: The First World War and the Making of the Modern Middle East
Supervisor: Jonathan Vance 

Madeline Hiltz

Topic: Private Vices for Public Benefit: Sexual Education in Victorian Britain
Supervisor: Allyson May 

Sam Pitre

Topic: The Lasting Impact of the White Movement on Russia and the Western World
Supervisor: Marta Dyczok 

Kaden Prowse

Topic: Intersection of Loyalities: London, Ontario within the Framework of the South African War
Supervisor: Robert Wardhaugh 

Andrew Rice

Topic: Decision Making During the Cuban Missile Crisis
Supervisor: Aldona Sendzikas 

Grace Rosien

Topic: Canadian Prisoners of the Great War: Changing Perceptions
Supervisor: Jonathan Vance 

History (Year 1)

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Lindsay Annis 

Kaitlyn Carter 

Marshall Cosens 

Sara Duodu

Rachael Edwards

Cara Faganello

Alex Gavrilovich

Rose Giles

Mikkiel Habash

Tristan Hubbard

Paul Keczem

Emma Kuiack

Matthew Mazzanti 

Ryan McLachlan

Danielle Mclennan

Ellen Nagy

Xu Qin