Adjunct Faculty

Julia Berest

Image of Julia Berest

Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professor Berest is a specialist in Russian and European Intellectual History, with a focus on liberal ideas and the reception of Western liberal thought in pre-revolutionary Russia. Her monograph, The Emergence of Russian Liberalism: Alexander Kunitsyn in Context 1783-1840, explores the development of Russian liberal tradition through the life and writings of one of its earliest exponents— Alexander Kunitsyn, who brought to Russia the ideas of the eighteenth century Enlightenment philosophers. Among her recent publications is a series of articles on the reception of J. S. Mill in Russia, and an article that examines the theme of happiness in Russian pre-revolutionary thought.

Shauna Devine

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Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professor Devine's research and teaching interests focus on the social, cultural and military history of the United States, particularly the Civil War era, with a special interest in medicine and science during and after the war. Her first book, Learning from the Wounded: The Civil War and the Rise of American Medical Science. (The University of North Carolina Press, 2014), examines the work of doctors who served in the Union Medical Department, and explores how their innovations in the midst of crisis transformed northern medical education and gave rise to the healing power of modern health science. Professor Devine's next research project tentatively entitled Science and the Practice of Medicine in the Civil War South and Reconstruction examines medical practice in the Civil War south, which will be published as a companion volume to her work on medical practice in the north. She  is also working on two commissioned works from the United States Army Medical Department in conjunction with the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, which examine the larger impact of war on American medicine. 

Peter J. Henshaw

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Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Telephone: 613-952-4898

Research Interests

Dr. Henshaw studies British imperial and Commonwealth history, with a particular focus on 20th century southern Africa and Canada. His current interest is in John Buchan and identity formation in the “British world”, including the origins of multiculturalism. He has also worked on the military and bureaucratic politics of Anglo-Canadian decisions leading to the launch the Dieppe raid in 1942.

Vivian McAlister

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Position: Adjunct Professor

Dr. McAlister is a physician who researches the medical and military history of Canada. He was a transplant surgeon and a military surgeon before joining the department of history. He is the Canadian president of the James IV Association of Surgeons. His selected works are available here.