Pre-1800 & Geographic Distribution Requirements

All of the courses that satisfy the Pre-1800 and Geographic Distribution Requirements are included in the module language in the Academic Calendar.  The courses below are offered in the 2021-22 academic year.  

Pre-1800 Courses

History 2401E - Medieval Europe

History 2607G - History & Civilization Of Medieval Islam

History 3404F - Montesquieu to Mill: Classic Texts and Debates in Western Culture (II)

History 3412F - Britain's Sailors, Soldiers, and Empire: 1689-1902

History 3605E - Crusaders & Moslems in the Twelfth Century

History 4603F - Silk Roads and Spice Routes: Ancient and Medieval Asia and World Contacts

Geographic Distribution Requirements

Students must complete at least 1.0 courses from two different geographic and/or thematic international areas:

  • US: 2300-2399; 3300-3399; 4300-4399
  • Europe: 2400-2499; 3400-3499; 4400-4499
  • World: 2500-2699; 3500-3699; 4500-4699
  • Thematic and International: 2700-2899; 3700-3899; 4700-4899

Students can complete the requirement by taking full or half courses. For example, the requirement would be fulfilled by taking 3320E and 2607F, OR 2310F and 2819G, OR 2401E and 2886G, OR 3605E and 2705E.